Pardon our Dust!

Hello there,

We're rebuilding our website; adding new products and mods! Feel free to browse the site, although the checkout feature has been disabled. We will begin taking orders again soon.


Mike @ Loophole Pedals

Welcome to the Loophole

Your source for pedal mods, rehouses, and custom builds.

Here's a little taste of what we do...

New Pedals

We are currently working on developing a brand new product line of new pedals! Stay tuned for upcoming product releases!

DD20 Rehouses

We take your ugly, limited, and undesirable enclosure and fill it with mods, goodness, and love. There are dozens of colors available, and our DD20 rehouses INCLUDE mods not offered anywhere else, giving you the best value around!

Modification Services

We modify dozens of different pedals, across many brands. Our mods selection is larger than anyone else around. If you want your pedal modified in a way you don't see, send us a message. We come up with new mods all the time.