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*Updated 06.19.23*

TODAY we release our Signal Blender pedal! It can be used to blend just about any pedal or group of pedals into your signal! AND there's some secret functions as well, check out the page below!

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Mike @ Loophole Pedals


The Signal Blender

Originally, I developed a small module based on the Jack Orman Buff n Blend circuit to add into existing pedals to add a blend knob. The circuit worked fantastically, so I did a small prototype run with the module as a pedal back in 2019. The prototype run sold out quickly, as it solved a problem that many musicians face: being able to add a blend knob to an entire signal loop or a pedal individually! Fast forward to today, we have released a professional grade signal blending tool using high grade parts and components! 


Our Highly Anticipated 2in1 Drive

GREY MATTER is a hand-wired, stackable, 2 pedals in 1 box, drive based on the grey 250 preamp. Extra edge and diode controls to dial in the ulitmate boost/overdrive/distortion effect.

This Blackout Edition features a texture black enclosure, gloss black ink, matte finished knobs, and and painted knob indicators!

If you would like a Grey Matter when sell out again, please message to get on the waitlist!

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