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Our Story

The Founder

Loophole Pedals is a one-man operation, and was founded in May of 2016 in Waxahachie, Texas. The business grew from a passion to reach the music community in a unique way while exercising a knack for business ventures. The founder, Mike Copeland, happily lives with his wife in the Dallas, Texas.

Style & Quality

We create premium quality products for the best user experience and longevity and honor robust warranty on our gear when used as intended. We have our hands on all products created, and believe in the value of small business.  In a world of 'disposable' technology, we strive to create something worthwhile. We aren't the cheapest around, nor do we aim to be. Cheap quality is for suckers, don't be a sucker!

Made in USA

We find value in supporting small businesses that are USA based and source our parts from USA manufacturers whenever possible.

Our pedal modifications are designed in the USA.
Our pedals are assembled in the USA. 
Our graphics are designed in the USA.
Our enclosures are UV printed in the USA.
Our enclosures are drilled in the USA.
Our enclosures are powder coated in the USA.
Our PCBs are designed in the USA.
Whenever possible, our parts are sourced from USA distributors.