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Rehouse Your Boss CE20 Pedal

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Rehouse Tiers:

Tier 1: Rehousing service, dozens of powder coat colors to choose from, 3 footswitch mod, and your choice of LED colors.

Tier 2: Everything in Tier 1, plus the display color mod for better visibility and color on the screen and the knob upgrade mod to complete your color theme.

***Rehouse services do not include the pedal itself. These prices are for the service to rehouse your pedal. If you would like to purchase a pedal that is sent to you already rehoused, please send us a message!

Boss CE-20 rehouse features:

-Durable Standard powder coat colors: Please email us for current color availability when you place your order!

-Dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch: This mod adds a third footswitch giving you bypass, tap tempo, and mode controls.

-Display Color Mod: This mod changes the backlit display to a different color and better visibility. (Only available for Tier 2.)

Knob Upgrade Mod: This mod upgrades the boring black knobs to any color you'd like. (Only available for Tier 2.)

-1 Year Limited Warranty