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EHX POG 2 Mods
EHX POG 2 Mods

EHX POG 2 Mods

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Mod Tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Upgrade footswitches (Clickless Preset Switch & Soft Click Bypass)
  2. Tier 2: Tier 1 mods & Volume Output Knob mod
  3. Tier 3: Tier 2 mods & Colored Mode LEDs

***Modifications do not include the pedal itself. These prices are for the service to modify your pedal. If you would like to purchase a pedal that is sent to you already modded, please send us a message!

Clickless Preset Switch: This mod replaces the stock, clunky preset footswitch with a high-quality, industrial footswitch.

Soft Click Bypass Switch: This mod replaces the stock, clunky bypass footswitch with a high-quality, softer click bypass switch.

Volume Output Knob: This mod adds a knob to control the output volume of the pedal.

Colored Mode LEDs: This mod replaces the red mode lights to be different colors for better distinction on dark stages and for quicker memory recall.