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Pedal Printing

Pedal Printing

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We are now offering UV printing services for pedals at no minimums and no setup fees! This printing method is far superior to using water slide decals, vinyl stickers, stamps or sharpies. Our ink is cured by UV light for a solid and permanent adhesion bond to paint, powdercoat, or raw enclosures.

Our general price is $10 each print. A picture of one test print is included and will be emailed to you to ensure proper graphic alignment and confirmation before making the permanent graphic. If you require additional test prints, they will be treated as billable at $10 each so please double check your artwork before submitting. 

You may send us enclosures to be printed or you may order enclosures through us via email as enclosure pricing varies depending on your needs. We cannot guarantee proper adhesion to hammertone or textured enclosures. Smooth enclosures only please. 

We are currently offering face printing only (no sides.) If your graphics require additional formatting to be compatible, there will be a $20/hr service fee.

White ink only graphics may require a consultation before the artwork is accepted. 

Please use the following guidelines when submitting your graphics:

  • Canvas size must be the exact size of the enclosure surface being printed
  • Image must be vectorized (transparent background)
  • Must be a minimum of 300dpi
  • All fonts must be converted to shapes (vector)
  • Drill points must be on the face of the graphic if you’d like us to drill your enclosure
  • Submit your artwork file as a .png or .pdf