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Mini Expression Pedal
Mini Expression Pedal

Mini Expression Pedal

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Our mini expression pedals are the perfect utility pedal for controlling any pedal with an "EXP" jack. 

-Replaces your bulky expression pedal!

-Handwired with quality!

-Connects via TS or TRS cable, depending on the brand.

-Dimensions are 2in x 2in x 2in...very small!


Please see the chart below for compatibility:

 Brand Pedal Compatibility Connection Type
Boss Delays: DD-7, DD-20, DD-500, DM-2W, RE-20
Reverbs: RV-6
Modulation: PH-3, PS-3, PS-5, PS-6, RT-20, SL-20, VB-2W
Dynamics: AW-3
Bass: SYB-5
Switchers: ES-5, ES-8
Processors: GT-10B


8 Step Program > Rate, Depth, Glide, Seq Length
Blurst > Range, Rate, Filter
Cock Fight > Filter
Crash Pad > Filter
Deluxe Big Muff Pi > Mids Filter
Deluxe Memory Boy > Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay
Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT & 550-TT > Blend, Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay
Enigma > Filter
Good Vibes > Speed, Intensity
HOG2 > Oct Bend, Step Bend, Volume, Freeze + Gliss, Freeze + Vol, Wah, Filter
Holy Stain > Pitch Bend, Reverb Time, Trem Rate
Lester G > Speed
Memory Boy > Delay Time, Modulation Rate
Pitch Fork > Pitch, Rise/Fall Rate
Ravish > Pitch Bend, Symph String Level
Riddle > Filter
Ring Thing > Carrier/Modulation Freq, Pitch Shift
Stereo Talking Machine > Filter

Superego Plus
Super Pulsar > Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase, Vol
Worm > Sweep


H9: Core, Harmonizer, Max

Factor Series: Timefactor, Pitchfactor, Modfactor, Space


Panther Cub v2

And others...

Line 6

Stompbox modelers: M13, M9, M5, DL4, MM4, FM4, and DM4.

POD Pedalboards: POD® X3 Live, POD xt Live, POD Studio: (KB37, UX8,) POD HD (300, 400, 500, 500X,) TonePort® (KB37, UX8,) FBV Shortboard, FBV Shortboard, MkIIGearBox™


Big Sky, Blue Sky, Brigadier, Deco,Dig, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Orbit, Riverside, Sunset, and Volante.

TC Electronic

Alter Ego X4, Flashback Triple Delay, Flashback X4

G-Major, G-Major 2, G-Natural, G-System, Nova System

And others...

Walrus Audio


And others...