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Ibanez TS9 Overdrive Mods

Ibanez TS9 Overdrive Mods

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Mod Tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Any Character Mod
  2. Tier 2: Tier 1 mod and Fat Mod
  3. Tier 3: Tier 2 and Diode Mod
  4. Tier 4: Tier 3 and Raw Mod

***Modifications do not include the pedal itself. These prices are for the service to modify your pedal. If you would like to purchase a pedal that is sent to you already modded, please send us a message!

Character Mods: These mods permanently alter the pedal's voicing for a completely fresh and styled tone.

  1. TS808: Upgraded JRC4558 op amp and updated output section to meet 808 spec.
  2. Southern: Rich, warm, bluesy/southern tone for country chicken pickin'.
  3. HiFi: Upgrades stock value components for reduced noise and clearer tone while maintaining the integrity of the original tone.

Fat Mod: This mod adds a toggle switch to fatten and improve the low frequencies.

Diode Mod: This mod adds a toggle switch to alternate between the stock silicon diodes and crunchy LED clipping. 

    Raw Mod: This mod adds a toggle switch to bypass the input and output sections of the circuit for a more raw, tube screamer sound.