DL4 Mods

DL4 Mods

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Volume Drop Fix Mod: This mod fixes the volume loss problem in most stock units. 

Footswitch Upgrade Mod: Replaces the cheap surface mounted actuators with heavy-duty chassis mounted switches.

  • Clickless: These are soft touch, no click switches.
  • Soft Click: These switches have a soft click.

Looper Switch Mod: This mod adds a footswitch to seamlessly change from effect mode to looper mode without having to bend down and turn any knobs.

Knob Upgrade Mod: This mod upgrades the boring black knobs to any color you'd like.

Tap Tempo In Jack Mod: This mod adds a TS jack to allow a tap tempo remote to be plugged in. This mod consumes the battery compartment.

Expression Mods:

  • Expression Knob Mod: This mod adds a knob to act as an on board expression pedal that can be turned by hand or by foot.
  • Double Preset Mod: This famous mod adds a switch to alternate between "toe up" or "toe down" of a faux expression pedal.
  • Expression Knob & Double Preset Mod: This mod will include both of the above mods AND a toggle switch to choose which one to activate.

Feedback Mod: This mod adds an onboard foot-switch to give you infinite oscillations. This switch essentially maxes out the feedback control for as long as it is held down.