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Refinish A DD20

Refinish A DD20

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Powder Coat Refinishing:

  1. We offer several dozen different colors to choose from to make your enclosure truly yours. From the mysterious Matte Black to the vibrant Bengal Red, we have amazing colors! Shoot us a message for availability!
  2. Our basic refinish is for a single consistent color. If you'd like two tones to contrast the footpads, please select the second option!

Our powder coated enclosures are industry grade, not a DIY approach! Our process includes:

A. Chemically stripped to remove the stock coating.

B. Professionally sand blasted for proper powder adhesion.

C. Powder coated and cured according to the manufacturer specs of the powder. 

***We do our best work in powder coat, however, there may be slight imperfections. We do not offer refunds or replacements for powder coated enclosures.