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The Pedal

I started designing GREY MATTER from a skeleton of the vintage grey version, ‘77 DOD250 preamp (hence the name.) I made many improvements for stability and tone and added edge control for hard clipping saturation. The overall project took two years of meticulous testing and development before I was satisfied with the jaw-dropping result.

2 Drives In 1 Enclosure

Initially, I was going to have only one 250 based drive in the housing, but I noticed the unit sounds amazing stacked into another one of the there are two individual circuits in there. Run ‘em individual or stacked! The footswitches are close enough together so you could set one as a textured boost and the other as a light overdrive or med gain distortion and switch between them by stomping ONCE. Not to worry, they're far enough apart to easily stomp the switches individually as well.

Sense and Edge Control

There are two sense toggles with 3 positions each for a total of 6 senses. The switches set the hard clipping diodes placed after the gain section. I committed to two unique sets of diodes on each side. The toggle up position honors the original silicon diodes of the grey 250 while the toggle down position utilizes one of two of my favorite clipping personalities (the blue side equips Bat41 Schottky diodes and the green side has 1n270 germanium diodes); both positions use symmetrical clipping for a balanced distortion. The middle position bypasses the hard clipping stage & edge control knob for simple folk who wanna just drive the LM741 op-amp naturally. The edge control acts to control diode saturation. Edge at 9oclock will produce first to second stage gain tones, while heavier tones result with the edge at 3oclock.  


The GREY MATTER is 100% analog using respected components; Neutrik audio and Kobicon power jacks, mini 3PDT for a shorter & more controlled soft click, Audio Grade caps, etc. GREY MATTER is handmade in Texas.