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Boss BD2 Blues Driver Mods

Boss BD2 Blues Driver Mods

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Mod Tiers:

  1. Tier 1: Any Character Mod
  2. Tier 2: Tier 1 mod and Octave Fuzz Mod

***Modifications do not include the pedal itself. These prices are for the service to modify your pedal. If you would like to purchase a pedal that is sent to you already modded, please send us a message!

Character Mods: These mods permanently alter the pedal's voicing for a completely fresh and styled tone.

  1. Body: Opens up the tone for a wider frequency range for a more full sound.
  2. Fatness: Thickens up the tone for low-end response and fatter distortion.
  3. Tube Drive: Tube amp-like distortion.
  4. Deluxe: Emulates the distortion of a Hot Rod Deluxe amp.
  5. Tweedy: Emulates the distortion of a Tweed amp.
  6. HiFi: Upgrades stock value components for reduced noise and clearer tone while maintaining the integrity of the original tone.

Octave Fuzz Mod: This mod adds a toggle switch to make the distortion fuzzier and gives a subtle octave effect.